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Horse Harness, Miniature, Draft, Donkey
Welcome to Chimacum Tack, our Horse Harness collection is specifically designed for draft horse, miniature horse, VSE, donkey, mule and horse. Our Horse Driving Tack collection includes driving bits, driving bridles, collars, hames, horse eveners, draft halters, mini halters, mini boots and draft boots. We invite you to check out our full line of horse harness products including single and team horse harness, work harness, parade, pleasure harness and training harness.

Shop Chimacum Tack Horse Harness and Supplies
Chimacum Tack is a family business with quality service and products at a reasonable price since 1993.


Horse Halters, Horse Supplies
Horse Supplies
Miniature Halters
Pony Halters
Donkey Collars
Draft Horse Halters
Draft Horse English/Western
Draft Horse Driving Bits
Miniature Horse Driving Bits
Draft, Pony & Miniature Horse Blankets
Draft Horse Boots
Miniature, Pony Boots
Donkey Boots
Hames Accessories
Horse Eveners


Horse Collar,

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Horse Harness Driving Collars

Horse Hames, Chimacum Tack

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Horse Harness Hames


Training Horse Harness
Draft Horse and Mule Work Harness
Parade Harness
Pleasure Harness
Donkey/Mule Harness
Miniature Horse Harness
Miniature Donkey Harness
Pony Harness & VSE Harness
Harness Parts
Harness and Collar Pads
Harness by Smucker
Pony Driving Collars
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Draft Driving Collars
Donkey Driving Collars
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Horse Harness, Draft, Mini, Donkey Harness

Draft Horse Harness, Mini Horse Harness,
Horse Driving Tack, Collars, Bits, Boots, Hames

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