Tuesday Tip – Quick Release Shackle Care

Quick Release Shackles make hitching and unhitching quick and easy and keep us safe while driving, provided we take care of them and check them periodically.

Many Quick Release Shackles have a screw that you remove to attach it to your vehicle, or you if have the Quick Hitch, the screw attaches the shackle to the slot. This screw can loosen as you drive. So it’s up to us to check that and tighten when it’s loose.

Below I’ll show you how you can add a bit more security by adding some thread locker to the end of the screw. According to my research (and my hubby) if you use the blue thread locker you can break the screw loose a bit easier if you need to remove it. If you use the red thread locker it is a bit harder to remove the screw, it can be done but it’s much harder.

Here are my tools:

Quick Hitch Attachment, my blue Thread Locker and a screw driver.

First I will remove the screw from the shackle:

Then I’ll put the thread locker on:

or you can use this type:

Then you put the screw back on the shackle!

Of course if you are doing this with just a shackle straight on your single tree, you’ll do these steps out at your vehicle, so the thread locker is helping to lock that shackle straight onto your single tree.

Just another #TuesdayTip – always keeping safety in mind. It’s easier to have fun if we have confidence in our equipment!


Mindy, The Pony Princess


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