Tuesday Tip – Fluffing up Wet Ponies

It is rain and mud season here in Southeastern Pennsylvania! Which means keeping my ponies dry and fluffy can sometimes be challenging. One tool I’ve been using a lot recently to help with this are my HandsOn Grooming Gloves!

If the horses decide to venture out in the rain, when they come back in I just throw on my gloves and give them a good rub down to fluff their coats back up!


This is especially important in the winter to make sure their winter coats are able to do their job and keep them warm. A fluffy winter coat will actually trap body heat close to the body to help keep them warm. When the coat becomes wet and flattens the horse’s body has to work a little harder to regulate it’s temperature. So, I like to just give them a little fluff if they come in with a slicked down coat!

It only takes me a few minutes to fluff both of the boys back up with my HandsOn Grooming Gloves, then they’re on their way to causing trouble again – looking nice and fluffy!


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