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What is the Best Driving Harness for a Miniature Horse?

More and more people are becoming more serious about getting the perfect fit for their [...]

Buying A Harness One Piece At A Time

Some of us can’t afford to purchase a new harness all at one time. (I’m [...]


Cheeks… Open or Blinds?

All of our driving bridles have a few options you choose from when you place [...]

Which Harness goes with Which Vehicle?

Nearly every day someone asks me if they can use (insert any breast collar style [...]

Why a collar and hames?

Weekly, I discuss harness option with people. I always ask what it is they are [...]


WHY a Donkey Harness?

So, you have a donkey and are shopping for harness. There are so many options [...]

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Which Harness Should I Choose?

We often get this question. I have written blog posts about this in the past [...]


Driving on a Budget!

This is a fun topic and near and dear to many of our hearts… driving [...]

Which Harness Do I Need for What I’m doing and How Do I Figure it Out?

“Which harness do I need?” is the first question you should be asking yourself when [...]


Which Harness Should I Choose? What can I afford?

Unfortunately for most of us, price plays a big part in deciding which harness to [...]

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Which Harness is Best for My Pony? Part 2

To continue from my last blog post… **Please note: when I say pony I don’t [...]

Which Harness is Best for My Pony?

I get asked this question all the time: “Which harness would be the best choice [...]


How Jogging Shoes promote Hoof Health – by EquineFusion

A cross-post about the importance of a good boot, from Chimacum Tack and HorseDriver [...]


Chimacum Tack now has Yacht Ropes!!

Chimacum would like to announce…. we now carry several different sizes and types of Yacht [...]

Blankets & Sheets: FAQ

All our Frequently Asked Questions about Blankets and Sheets in one handy post!

Working with Raven

From Stephen McEvoy, to Janie Back in 2005, we sold a work harness to a [...]

History of ComfyFit: Why we’re the Home of the Best Sport Harness on the Market

A history by Janie Amdal Why would we call ourselves the “Home of Comfy Fit [...]

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What’s the Best Breast Collar for a Mini?

What’s the Best Breast Collar for a Mini? An opinion by Pat Weeks Breast collars [...]

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Should You Buy a Sliding Back Band Saddle?

Should You Buy a Sliding Back Band Saddle? An opinion by Pat Weeks I’m a [...]