Discovering CDE… WOW!

By Nancy Stimach 

I have loved horses my whole life.

I started riding at a very young age, and have nearly done it all, from Dressage, 3-Day Eventing, cutting/reining, working cow horse, team penning, and competitive trail riding, to putting the first 90 days of galloping time on 2 year old race horses.  Eleven years ago, due to medical reasons, I was forced off horseback and sadly retired my beautiful big boy to pasture.  To keep him company, I purchased a 3 year old miniature horse from a woman who did AMHR breed ring showing. It was through her that I discovered what miniature horses could do, which opened up the magical world of carriage driving.

2025-stimach-cones-blog-okImagine my joy when I discovered CDE…WOW!!!  CDE and open trail/obstacle driving is my passion.  There is nothing like blasting through a cones course and kicking up the dirt out on the marathon.  When not competing, I love to do conditioning trail driving with other fellow mini drivers.

The pictures here are “Stinky” (Pinto), and my ‘baby’ horse (just broke to harness), “Dakota” (Palomino).

2025-stimach-fitting-okThis one is kind of a funny picture of me but a great shot of Dakota.  He had only been in harness about a week when that shot was taken.  He also had his full winter coat at the time.  He is white in the winter and then a golden palomino in the summer.

Both wear the black/tan Chimacum harness.  Dusty is my accomplished CDE competitor, with whom I will be moving to Preliminary Level next year.  Dakota will be doing his first competition in 2 weeks!



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