Benbrook Heritage festival with Sunset Mountain Miniatures

An Event Update by Daniel Crider

Last weekend we attended the Benbrook Heritage festival in Benbrook, Tx. It was the 8th year in a row that we had been invited. We take about 10 horses every year to the festival, including several babies. Usually over 2,000 people attend the festival and well over 500 people visit us.

crider-benbrook-4ctwmNotice the Sunset Mountain hats on my “staff”.

Benbrook gives us a baseball field that we set up in an obstacle course and a jump course. We give two shows during the day (there are about 6 other shows during the day from dance and music groups at a nearby stage — but the baseball field belongs to us. ) People sit in the baseball field stands and watch the shows.

And we give rides. LOTS of rides.

crider-benbrook-3ctwmTake a close look at the left side of the following picture. See those ruts? Those are wagon ruts. We made over 50 wagon trips during the day, each trip being about 150 yards.

crider-benbrook-2ctwmThis year we were using our John Deere Buckboard pulled by our wagon team: Sunset Mountain MoonDust and Sunset Mountain Painted Liberty. And the harness that they are wearing is the Chimacum Tack Parade Harness with buggy hames. These are the same two horses and the same harness configuration that won 5 top-ten finishes at AMHR nationals this year (including two 3rd place finishes and 1 championship).


The MoonDust and Libby worked very hard giving those rides. Usually there was one adult and two or three children, plus me, in that wagon. That means there that when you include the weight of the wagon they were pulling between 600 and 700 pounds all day. And the perfectly fitted harness meant no rough spots or sores on their coats when the day was over.

There was a long line waiting for rides all day… 🙂  Thanks for reading!


Daniel Crider
Sunset Mountain Miniatures



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