All about Abby: a rescue horse


by Janis Charbeneau

A rescue horse story:

Abby is the smallest horse living on a large horse farm.  She thrives on the abundance of attention that she receives and nickers to everyone that walks near her.  Some of the bigger horses are not sure what to make of her, whether she is wearing body paint or not!

Though she can be a firecracker in the field if the mood strikes her, she knows the importance of standing peacefully for a child to have their first experience brushing a horse.  She even lets children apply body paint on her for a creative and perhaps once-in-a-lifetime memory.

For special occasions, Abby will sometimes wear a homemade tail of ribbons.  Living elsewhere when she was younger, she survived a dog attack.  Unfortunately, her tail bone could no longer remain.  Through patience and trust, Abby has overcome the trauma and her fear of being touched near her rear.

The unconditional love that children and adults show toward this little horse with no tail is inspiring and much appreciated!

Don’t we all know a pony or a child that deserves a little special attention?  Janis sure shows Abby that love and affection – as do many rescue folks, including many of you who share the love of your mini with others by taking them visiting to seniors and hospitals.  Have a story of your own?  Feel free to share with us – we’d love to feature your story on the blog, too!  Just email with your story idea and a picture or two, and we’ll be glad to help you put the right thing together for blog.


Janie Amdal



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