Become a Contributor! (How to post on the Horse Driver Blog)

by Janie Amdal

We sure hope you’re enjoying learning from and about some of our customers and their many grand adventures with equine driving. In fact, we hope you’re enjoying it so much that you want to join in by sharing your own stories, tips and tricks, and pictures of your favorite furry companions.  Learn how to become a contributor!

Please consider posting on this New blog:!

Chimacum Tack has long been a place to learn and share knowledge about driving.  Our goal for creating this new blog forum is to further the education of anyone interested in driving – be it for sport, show, or farm/work.  The goal here is to have lots of different blog posts from many contributors on a wide variety of topics: from new drivers, experts, trainers, breeders, parents etc.  As the posts come in we’ll categorize and tag them so it’s not too difficult to find something of interest.  And we’ll be sure to curate posts for relevant subjects, and variety over time, too.  If you’re interested in contributing, perhaps you might write about:

  • How did you learn to drive?  Who helped you get started?
  • Do you have a special skill you can share?
  • What do you wish you’d learned sooner?
  • What is something unique you’ve learned about feeding and/or conditioning your driving horse?
  • Do you have some favorite tips you’d like to share?
  • Favorite products? Ideally, you’ll be sharing about something we carry so we can link to it.  If you aren’t sure, just ask!
  • Did you participate in a show recently?  Or take your horse to a public event, like a parade or fair?
  • Or, do you have a burning question you’d like answered?


If you have something useful or interesting to share with the Driving community, we will be glad to help!

This blog page is intended as a forum for you – driving enthusiasts, horse lovers, and of course or favorite customers – to learn, grow, and share.  It’s the perfect place to reminisce, give a shout-out to a helpful friend, recommend a book or video or product, and of course to learn!  This is what you need to do to become a contributor:

  1. Pick a topic that you’re familiar with and that you think others would like to read.
  2. Write 250-500 words about the topic – make it pithy, clever, instructional, honest…
  3. Think of a good title, and be sure to include your name and a sentence or two about yourself to include as a bio.  If you have a farm, or training school, feel free to include a link to your website.
  4. E-mail the above to
  5. Attach a few relevant pictures.
    1. Pictures need to be decent quality and clear, without watermarks.
    2. Please attach them, rather than embedding them in the body of the e-mail.

We will take it from there!  Our fabulous team will review, make some light editorial changes, and schedule contributor articles for posting.  Once it’s live, please feel free to share via Social Media, tag your friends, and generally bask in the glow of your 15 minutes of fame!

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