Working with Raven

From Stephen McEvoy, to Janie

Back in 2005, we sold a work harness to a really nice guy in Montana.  Steve has a beauty of a draft horse named Raven, whom he was clearing burned trees on his family property. Chimacum Tack has used a picture of Raven on our website as the spokeshorse for our Work Harness for years, and we reached out recently just to check in.  He responded with several more pictures, and the following note – which he says we can share with all of you.  Enjoy these pictures of a beautiful horse and his 12-year-old Chimacum Work Harness!

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“Dear Janie,

So good to get your message. Raven is doing well. In fact we were out in the woods the last two days on family land, removing dead timber for my mill! He is a wonderful animal. When we go out to my folks’ I don’t even tie him, he just hangs around until we put on his harness and we go to move logs. In the woods he stands untied waiting for logs to be ready, and is always willing to work, and enjoys getting out in the woods. He is treated and loved well by the whole extended family, my nieces and nephews alike…..her “grand-horse” to my mother. Of course he gets oats and carrots when working, something he is very enthusiastic about of course…. ha.

I do have photos…plenty of them. I also have short video clips nephews and mom have taken – I can send along later. Mom also has taken about three half hour videos of him working so we’ll have memories, and friends enjoy seeing them.  I’m sending a variety to choose from.

The harness has worked so well – amazingly strong and durable, and is comfortable for him. He broke a trace chain link and that’s it. I welded a square tube with rebar single tree. It clears his hocks just fine but I found I needed something short to minimize snagging trees, stumps etc. You can see it in the photo. The other conventional ones were too long for what I’m doing, and he would bend them moving heavy logs. Thanks so much for contacting, and I’ll send other pictures soon.

Sounds like the business is going well, and I’m looking forward to seeing the new website! I’ll tell Raven he’s famous.”


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