Clean your ComfyFit: 5 Tricks for Cleaning Bio or Beta Harness

by Goran and Gerda

We sure love seeing how customers use our equipment, and one of the key things that comes along with using harness is cleaning harness!  People tell us that one of their favorite things about our bio and beta harnesses is they are really fairly maintenance-free.  However, no matter how sturdy the material is it’s still likely to end the day covered in salt, sweat, dirt, grass, and all manner of other dirty!

So, we saw our friend Hilda post this great picture of how she washes her harness and we just had to ask how others tackle their cleaning duties.  Here’s a few of the answers:

  • Dishwasher!
  • In a sink full of dish-soapy water
  • Washing machine in a pillowcase
  • Rinse it in the horse trough
  • Hang it on your harness rack and just hose it down.
    (If it’s really dirty, use dish soap in a spray bottle)

How do you clean your ComfyFit or Chimacum Harness?  Comment below!





5 thoughts on “Clean your ComfyFit: 5 Tricks for Cleaning Bio or Beta Harness

  1. Deborah Alverson says:

    I love the dishwasher idea. Do you know if Hilda uses the dishwasher soap or if she is just running it through a hot water cycle?

    I take mine in the shower and use some dish soap and a washcloth to scrub. Works great and I get clean too!

    • Maren Amdal says:

      I think she just runs it on hot water. You could probably use some sort of detergent, but it’s not likely necessary and I’d be careful not to use bleach or anything that could strip the biothane. (Many dishwasher soaps contain bleach.)

  2. Bobbie Whitman says:

    My ComfyFit has been so easy to take care of from day one. If it gets dirty from sweat, I immediately wipe it down with a damp rag when I am done driving and put it away in its Comfy Fit harness bag. It stays clean for every use this way. The bag is a life saver. It keeps dust off. It NEVER gets that dirty build up this way and I use the heck out of it. My mini is always right out of pasture, and I work her in the hot Florida weather. She sweats. I think this harness is a God Send because I do not have to labor over it like leather tack.

  3. Nancy says:

    I had a set of shaft loops They were a beta/bio combo. I did not use them for a few years and when I took them out recently the coating was hard, cracked and falling off. I’m not sure if it was due to the hot/cold cycles of the seasons (it gets in the 100s hear) or due to the fact that they were put away dirty. My husband thinks it was the salt from the horse. I am being more careful about cleaning my bio harness now but am curious.

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