Beat the Heat: 6 Tips and Tricks

by Goran and Gerda

Boy, it sure does get hot in the summer!  Where we’re from, it never gets warmer than the high 70’s F, but we’ve sure lived through heat in Texas!  And where we live now in Northern California, we can also get really hot – over 100F!

We asked our favorite think-tank – YOU, our fantastic customers over on HorseDriver’s Facebook group – what they do to keep their furry friends cool in the heat.  So, wherever you live, whether you enjoy the heat of summer in January or July, here are a few tips to keeping cool:

  • Freeze big bowls of water and add them to individual water buckets
  • Fans in the barn can create excellent cross ventilation
  • A loving wipe down with cool water, especially eyes and ears, can be very refreshing
  • If you can, installing piping in the ceiling of your barn for stall misters is an excellent way to deal with extended high heat; On less frequent hot days, even just a hand mister can make a big temporary impact
  • Swimming! Who doesn’t love a dip in a nearby watering hole, creek, or stream
  • Shade is extremely important: whether trees, barn, or other covering.

Not everyone has access to such a lovely shade tree as these lucky horses in their field in the south of France.  Their mamma also keeps a giant watering trough full, so they have full access to cool clean water. What do you do?  Chime in in the comments below!






One thought on “Beat the Heat: 6 Tips and Tricks

  1. Bobbie Whitman says:

    The way I beat the excessive heat of summer is to harness up at dusk. Avoid the peak noon to 3:00 heat of the sun. I’m too old to fight the blazing heat during the daylight hours and why exhaust the minis when you dont have to. I’m in hot, hot, hot Florida and I’m not afraid to work my minis at night when it cools down. It is peaceful, quiet, and most of all relaxing. Anything I do during the middle of the day I can also do in the dark. I put joggers flashing reflectors on all four of my mini’s ankles and off we go driving in the dark of night. Horses see better than we give them credit….particularly at night. I even have a round magnetic nightlight for the cart. It works for me. Try it sometime.

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