Mini Encounters – Trained Mini Therapy Horses

Community Outreach: Therapy minis making a difference in North Texas

Mini Encounters, located north of the Dallas-Ft Worth Metroplex is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization providing group and one-on-one sessions with trained mini therapy horses to nursing homes, rehabs, traumatic brain injury rehabs, veterans, home hospice patients, really anyone with a need. MiniEncounters goes where their clients are, and sometimes arranges farm visits.  They use their mini horses in many ways for various therapies at each facility and the reactions they see are wonderful. The residents and minis interact with each other to build results thru therapy for cognitive thinking, problem solving, speech therapy, retention of knowledge and socialization.

We love the minis and sharing them with the facility residents we visit….memory care, veterans, children.  The library enrichment program is also very popular and we have been having steady attendance this year of over 100 at most libraries we have visited.

Bobbi Hoenigman

She shared with us this little article about her ponies that was featured in AMHA last year:


To learn more about the great work Bobbie is doing, visit her website:


One thought on “Mini Encounters – Trained Mini Therapy Horses

  1. bobbi says:

    Thank you very much for featuring MiniEncounters Mini Therapy Horses. We have 3 that we use for the visits, and two of them also pull a carriage and wear Chimacum Harness when driving and road boots when when we do visits…….Jade’s feet are so small we use vet wrap or socks under her road boots to keep them on…..Thank you again for sharing this, we love what we do. We will be participating in North Texas Giving day on Sep. 14 2017……and there will be a link on our Facebook page MiniEncounters Mini Therapy Horses……anything you can give to help defray costs is greatly appreciated or just liking our page will be helpful.

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