How is the Comfy Collar Different from the Superflex Collar?

A post from Janie Amdal and Goran and Gerda

Comfy Collars on a pair.

Our new Chimacum Tack Superflex Collar has sparked a lot of interest in the last few months.  Many people  have asked what the differences are between the Superflex Collar and the Comfy Fit Comfy Collar.  And how they would know which one to use.  Goran and Gerda are worried That not everyone will know  to ask Chimacum Tack,  so They asked Nana Janie to write a blog post about Comfy Collars and Superflex Collars.  Hopefully this will answer most of your questions.

In Fact, there are several differences between the Superflex Collar and the Comfy collar.  The Superflex Collar is designed to be the country cousin of the Comfy collar.  It’s meant to be used by people who want another choice to use with their  harnesses but don’t want to use the Comfy Collar with their traditional pleasure or work harness.  Gerda wants to be sure to tell you Superflex Collars are popular with people who use work harness and want their animals to be as comfortable as possible.



Superflex Collar with a Marafun Harness

Both styles incorporate the Deluxe style, deep V breast collar on the lower part and the upper section resembles the top of a adjustable  standard neck collar.  The deep V  lower area gives extra room to avoid airway constriction and the upper part of the collar is not stuffed so it is flexible and easily conforms to the shape of the animal’s neck.   Customers report the both types of collar bring smiles to their animals faces and relaxation to their shoulders.

Collar function is discussed elsewhere but the quick version is that when using a breast collar the impulsion comes entirely from the front legs/shoulders.  When using a neck collar the impulsion comes from the rear legs and hips.  These new style collars distribute the workload and make pulling easier and more comfortable for the animal.   Goran and Gerda want me to tell you that they have been peeking at our equine customers and see lots of smiles on the faces of the lucky ones who have this new type of collar!

The top of both types of collar is a cap or sleeve which allows for sizing flexibility of about 1.5-2” depending on the overall size.

Comfy Collar on a single.

The design is the same. The sizes are the same. The materials are not the same.  The Superflex Collar is faced with industrial PVC belting which is extremely tough and impervious to just about everything.  It is a lovely semi-gloss finish.  The face of the Comfy Collar is layered of different synthetic materials and lined with either the carefree lining or leather lining.  The Superflex Collar have Carefree lining.

The Superflex Collar is also designed to be used with traces that hook or snap onto the ring on the collar.  It is not made to use with buckle in traces but rather attaches like those used with collar/hames style harness – either a snap or a hook style.  The traces are not removable.   (We do offer a converter “short tug” which will allow buckle in traces to be used.)

Another difference is that the Comfy Collar looks like and goes with the Comfy fit harness.  The Superflex Collar does not.  It looks as if it belongs with a simple, traditional, unlined harness because that’s what it is designed to be used with.

People who want the traditional buggy type harness (or the Marafun harness which is also the traditional style) always have the choice to upgrade to the Superflex Collar.  We make Superflex Collars in sizes from Small Mini thru Draft. The traces attach to the Superflex Collar the same way traces connect to “Staple” or “Hook” style traces.

Some people who already have Comfy fit harness are buying the Marafun harness, then trading out the Marafun breast collar and traces for buckle in traces on their Marafun harness (this requires Convertor “short tugs”) so they can use their own deluxe breast collar or purchase a Deluxe Breast Collar.

Superflex Collar
Comfy Collar Russet Leather Lining
Deluxe Breast Collar with Trace Swivels







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