How And Why To Use Shaft Guards

How And Why to Use Your Shaft Guards
A post from Nana Janie

This fall, I was asked a question about how best to attach shaft guards — I didn’t know that answer and I always really like to get experienced customers help to answer.  In fact, any info I don’t just know, I always ask among our HorseDriver experts.  Do you use Shaft Guards?  I would love to include your answer about shaft guards here!  Just pop over an email or comment on the article below, and I’ll add them to this post.

Here is the first Answer from our Team Radar Mom, Bridget Simon. Thanks Bridget for always coming thru with a helpful answer!  I’m posting this in the HorseDriver Blog section in hope others will add their information about shaft guards – how, why, when to used them?  Advantages, disadvantages.

Bridget replies:

So, when using the quick release shaft loops, the strap coming off the saddle goes through the ring on the shaft guard and buckles the quick release closed. The strap on the bottom of the loop goes through the ring on the bottom of the guard and buckles to the over girth. You can see clearly in the picture.

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