A Little Driving Mishap

We recently received an email from Miss Pam about a little driving mishap that she had:


I am finally sending you the story of my pony who was able to slip his bridle, while I was driving & then took off bucking, kicking & dragging the bridle, reins & my cart. I jumped out of the cart just as I saw the bridle slipping off, thinking that I could catch him in time….I was not fast enough.

I have your Comfy Fit Harness & was driving in the river bottoms this past spring, when it had been VERY wet. He took off running across farm fields, through standing water marshes, across gravel roads….needless to say he put your harness & my cart to the ultimate test.

Well your harness pulled through without even a stretch mark, much less a broken part, albeit, caked in mud! In fact, once I caught him, I wiped the mud off of the bit with my hand, put the bridle back on & drove him home…much to his dismay. I can not sing enough praises about the quality of your harness.

To top it all off, when I called you the next morning to let you know how well it did…you said…”you need a gullet strap, so that never happens again” and put it in the mail that very day! Needless to say, I’ll never drive without that VERY important piece of tack again….especially when I’m driving one of those darling little Welsh ponies with the teeny tiny ears! Thank you for the quality of your product & your impeccable business practices!

Pam and her pony in their Comfy Fit Harness going through the water TOGETHER!

The gullet strap that Janie sent Pam is a simple little strap that connects the throat latch to the noseband and makes the bridle nearly impossible for the horse to slip out of. It’s amazing how such a simple (and inexspensive!) idea can save one from the mishap above!

Above is a photo of the gullet strap connected to the noseband and the throat latch. Just a little piece of leather!

As seen from the side. It makes the bridle more like a halter.

And nothing changes from the front view!

So if you are at all concerned that your bridle may be able to slip off then I suggest ordering a gullet strap today!

Gullet Strap

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