A little bit about eveners from Alice Boyce!

We asked Alice if she could share a bit about eveners with us and she sent us this wonderful explanation:

Eveners! I like a set for every vehicle we drive. No swapping from this wagon, to that carriage, to the forecart. When I hitch my mares I just want to drive and not have to set up the vehicle before hand. I did not, however buy these all in one go.

Eveners on sale? Lets get a set for the wagon so we don’t have to pull the set off the forecart… and before you know it you have enough so that every cart, wagon and carriage is all set to go without robbing a set off something else.


The pretty wooden set (pictured above) on the carriage actually came with the wagonette. It had blade ends so I was very thankful my Comfy-Fit harness traces had ends with slots as well as a D ring. Due to a mishap I ended up swapping this evener out to an evener like 634 with 28” singletrees. The D on my traces are now being put to use.

With my green pony pair I did tie the evener back to limit its swing. I had one pony that started fast and one that had to decide if she wanted to or not. This was causing my eager pony to get thumped with her collar which was telling her to stop. A confused pony leads to a lot of other issues! So tying the evener back, getting after the lazy pony to get her rear in gear and leaving my eager pony alone was the ticket to getting my pair to go off nicely.

As a note you can change the hook ends on the singletrees of these eveners out to snap shackles like I did, but you will have to cut the hooks off. I ended up driving this pair with full collars and a neck yoke to accommodate the dropped pole on the wagonette and a 634 evener.


As with anything please do what works best for you and your horses.

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