Becoming an Advanced Level Combined Driving Pony

Alamo’s Ruby Red is an amazing little pony. She is special for more than one reason. One of them is the fact that she is a Fernadez Pony – a cross between a Paso Fino and a Quarter Horse.This makes her amazing because she is a gaited pony and you don’t see many of them driving! Cantering is something that she really has to work at as gaited ponies and horses often have a bit of a hard time cantering correctly. As far as we know Ruby is the only gaited pony to be competing at the level she is at.

She’s only 12.2 hands, which is small for a pony in the single pony division, most of the ponies stand 14.2. But despite her size she is proving that even the smaller ponies can hold their own!

Alamo’s Ruby Red is currently ranked #3 in the US in her division! It’s so fun to cheer this awesome little pony on!

Chimacum Tack is a sponsor for Denise Hinder and Alamo’s Ruby Red, providing her with our very best harness for CDE’s –  The Comfy Fit harness!

You can follow them on Facebook. Just search for Alamo’s Ruby Red and hit the ‘like’ button! Then you too can cheer them on!


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