The Comfy Collar

Jennifer Keeler shared this wonderful testimony about the Comfy Collar and how it helped her wonderful pony Zeppo:

“As we began the 2018 Florida competition season, I was having persistent problems with chafing on the chest of my young 13-hand Hackney pony, Zeppo. We tried a variety of breastcollar styles, materials, covers, and padding, all to no avail – we continued to have an issue with significant skin chafing and soreness after strenuous exercise.

Desperate to make my little guy more comfortable, I found the Comfy Collar from Chimacum Tack, and was intrigued by how the new style might work. I called and after a wonderful conversation with Janie, who described how the collar style worked and should be sized, I had a new collar on the way!

Cautiously optimistic, I couldn’t believe the difference once it arrived. Not only did it fit perfectly, but I noticed an immediate difference in Zeppo’s comfort level. Best of all, all skin chafing stopped, and the style of the collar even seemed to make it easier for him to handle the weight of carriage, driver and navigator across a lengthy marathon course. It was incredible!

About a month later, Zeppo won the inaugural 2018 USEF National Combined Driving Championship for Intermediate Single Ponies at Live Oak International. I have no doubt he could not have done this without his Comfy Collar!

Thank you Janie!”

To learn more about the Comfy Collar you can go HERE.

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