The Whiteman Harness!

An announcement about Chimacum Tack’s newest product: The Whiteman Harness!

Oh, I am so excited to write this post! This new product has been kept under our hats for a while and the suspense has been killing me. Well maybe not killing me, but I have been very excited for the unveiling!


This harness is in tribute to the late Ron Whiteman. Ron and his wife Dorothy were instrumental in Chimacum Tack even having miniature horse harness!  He and Dorothy worked with Janie to design, and then test drove our very first prototype and helped us make the necessary changes to ensure a good fit for the miniature horses. He also helped come up with the Comfy Fit harness, taking into account things that would make the miniature horse’s job easier and more comfortable.  You can read more about that on our history post, “Meet the Whiteman’s!

Here is our favorite picture of Run in the very first prototype for the comfy fit harness in 2005.


We have taken our original Chimacum Tack Pleasure harness, which Ron  and Dorothy helped us design back in 1993, and re-made it into the Whiteman Harness. This harness is sturdy enough for every day driving and pretty enough for the show ring.

Here is the original prototype shown still in use in 2018 as Dorothy trains minis with it 5 days a week. 


This well designed harness is guaranteed to fit and perform for a long time. Made from soft strap and Brahma Web, it is the perfect mini harness for learning to drive, training your mini and showing at the local level, breed shows and combined driving events. –The Whiteman Harness Page



About the Whiteman Harness

The Whiteman harness is made from black soft strap and black brahma web with stainless steel hardware. The simplicity of this harness is what sets it apart from some of our other harnesses and also makes it perfect for the local show ring.

It has a pretty bridle with patent leather blinders and a side check. The bridle is perfectly sized for the miniature horse head. Every buckle is a roller buckle on the bridle. It’s so nice not to have to wrestle the conway buckles!

The saddle also has patent leather and is nice and soft so that it flexes with the movement of the horse. It comes with a soft back pad. The shaft loops are the open style with the over girth straps that buckle to the girth.

The breast collar is a sewn-in style of breast collar but comes with a nice soft pad as well.

The breeching is similar to the MaraFUN style breeching with the soft straps over the hips and the brahma web on the breeching itself.


How it Performs

I had the honor of trying this harness out with my mare Sky. If any of you follow us over on my blog you will know that she is extremely opinionated and lets me know when something isn’t right… well she let me know straight off that everything is pretty right with this harness! She was comfortable driving in it and moved out beautifully.

Dorothy Whiteman made her harness’s first run on Sunday at the EI CDE in Ethel, Washington on the cones course. She and her mare totally rocked that course and looked so stylish doing so!


The Whiteman harness was designed and developed with the beginner driver in mind – with a special focus on young drivers. Driving can be an expensive sport, making it difficult for people to get started. Having a safe and functional harness is key to being able to enjoy driving, for both the driver and the horse. This harness fits that bill without breaking the pocket book.

The purchasing process is a bit different for this harness in that people have to be nominated to purchase it. You can nominate someone and someone can nominate you – you can even nominate yourself, if you think this is the right harness for you!  This is a special harness offered at a very special price, so the way to purchase must be special as well!

Take a moment to check the harness out over on the shop page, and please do fill out the nomination form for someone you think deserves this harness. I think you will be as pleased with this pretty little harness as Sky and I are!

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