Chimacum Tack now has Yacht Ropes!!

Chimacum would like to announce…. we now carry several different sizes and types of Yacht rope lead ropes!


Long Lines

First up is the set of long lines – 1/4″ x 18′ long, tan with brass scissor snaps. I love my 1/4″ long lines for ground driving. They are the perfect weight and size for the miniature horse and work just as well for ponies all the way up to draft size!

The scissor snaps quickly snap onto the halter for the beginning work of ground driving and then you can easily remove the snaps when it’s time to attach to the bit and simply loop the line through the bit itself.

Having snaps and clips on your reins once you start having harness on the horse isn’t a good idea, in my opinion, as this gives them something to get hung up on the harness. If they reach around to snap at a fly or simply scratch an itch, that snap can hook on a part of the harness and then you can have a real problem. Also the metal snap on the bit can be very irritating for some horses.

I’m especially excited that we are now carrying these long lines!! They are yacht rope so will resist stretching or fading in the sun.

When I am ground driving I allow the excess to trail along behind me so I can quickly move up or down the lines, as needed. I don’t recommend trying to hold all the excess line in your hands as you walk around because it can get really confusing which end is attached to the horse and which is the excess. It takes some practice, but having it trail behind you makes adjusting the lines much easier.


1/2″ x 23 Foot Long Line

Next up is the 1/2″ x 23′ long line. This is the longest of the Yacht ropes that we carry. It’s a wonderful line for working in hand, lunging or working through an obstacle course or sending your horse out to jump so jumps. 23′ is more than long enough to give you both some room to do some cool stuff!

This rope has a nickel plated twist clip. This clip rotates around so the rope will never twist while the horse is moving around you.

This rope has some weight to it which is wonderful for cleaning up your communication between you and your horse. When you lift one end of the rope that will travel down the line to your horse with little effort from you. Do remember that the longer the rope the more leverage you have, so keep your movements small and your horse will thank you!


1/2″ x 10′ Lead Rope

These lead ropes are the perfect length for working your mini, small pony, large pony, horse or draft horse! They have a lot of feel to them because of the weight of the rope. Just like the longer rope above, these ropes will make communication with your horse so much easier. Your movements telegraph down the line to your horse so you can make smaller movements and get more response from your horse.

Sometimes having good equipment is the difference between having your horse understand you and having your horse guessing at what it is you are trying to say.

These ropes have a large brass bolt snap. The rope has a loop braided into the snap end, which makes it easy to remove the large bolt snap and replace it with a smaller snap if needed, such as when you are working a very small mini or foal.

3/8″ x 10′ Foot Lead Rope

This lead rope is perfect for minis. It has the correctly sized bolt snap and the rope is a smaller diameter so it’s a bit lighter weight when on a small mini or a foal. I love this length because it allows you to make the necessary adjustments to help the horse at the other end without running out of rope.

The snap is attached with the “wrap and sew” method which eliminates that heavy metal clinch that many lead ropes have. I love this rope for the miniature horse foals because it’s long enough to help halter train them. You can loop the excess rope around their little bums to encourage forward movement when they get stuck.

We have only orange right now but will be adding black leads this size soon!


3/8″ x 8′ Lead Rope


We’ve had the 3/8″ x 8′ long ropes for a little while now and they have been selling like hot cakes! These ropes are perfect for trailering, going for walks and hikes with your mini and come in some really fun colors.

Yacht rope doesn’t rot or fade in the sun. It’s made to get dirty and wet and keep on working. It will not stretch or lose shape no matter how hard you are on it! And you can just toss it in the washing machine to clean.

These have the appropriate size clips for your miniature horse.


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