8 Equine Driving Must Haves

A short list of things to have on hand for driving, by Mindy

There are a few things I make sure to always have on hand. Some of these things are with me on the cart and others I just like to have on hand in my tack room. I put out a call for things others like to have on hand and got some great ideas! I thought I would share them here.

1) Cheater Straps

First on my list are cheater straps. I make sure to have several of these on hand at all times. These come in especially handy in the winter when my ponies are both fluffier because of their winter coat and fluffier because they are trying to stay warm and eating all day long. The cheater straps make sure I can get the girth buckled and/or the over girth buckled to the shaft loops. I find I need these more often when I am driving my sled. The angles change a bit on the shafts and the cheater straps help me make sure everything is snug and safe!


2) Harness Bells

I happen to LOVE my harness bells. I like them year round, not just during the holidays. For a years I would buy bells on line and then try to attach them to my harness. This didn’t work well. My road is littered with jingle bells that have fallen off my harness as we trotted along. Then I found the harness bells on Chimacum and YAY!! They are attached correctly to straps that buckle onto the harness and THEY DON’T FALL OFF! They have beautiful jingle sounds and are all a little bit different. I have the rump bells and a couple of the hiker bells.

I also always have a Gremlin bell on my cart. It doesn’t hurt to believe in a little magic, does it?


3) Spares Kit

When I drive my easy entry cart I always have my spares kit handy. It is filled with all things I may need in the event that my cart (or harness) fails somehow. Wrenches, a knife, leather lacing, paracord, zip ties, pliers, electrical tape and baby powder (for wet hooves in boots or squeaky harness parts). You can see more about the spares kit from chimacum tack here:


4) Cup Holder

Quite a few people are geniuses and put a cup holder on their dashboard of their cart. I bought mine at Target in the bike section. It velcros onto the dash and has a rubbery strap that holds the drink in. I can only use bottles with lids with my holder, but some have cup holders that can hold to-go coffee cups!

5) Bike Computer

Some of us like to know how many miles we are driving. Not only on the drive we are currently on but cumulatively as well. It’s easier than you think to rack up the miles! I bought my computer on Amazon and put it on my Hyperbike, but you can put these on the easy entry carts as well. This is the Bike Computer that I purchased: Planet Bike Protege 9.0.








6) Phone Charger

Some people are clever and have phone chargers that they keep in their spares kit to keep their phone battery charged up.This will ensure that your phone doesn’t die while you are out driving. I use my phone for taking photos and videos of my drive as well as to listen to music and/or an audio book.





7) Halter or Driving Collar and Lead Rope

Driving/Grooming collar with orange lead

Lots of people drive with a halter under the bridle. Our buckle nose halters are great for that. They are very slim and fit under the bridle nicely. If you don’t like using a halter then the driving collar is another great option. I always trail drive with a collar and have a lead rope in my spares kit or in the little back pack on the back of my Hyperbike. My favorite rope for this is the 10′ long x 3/8″ diameter yacht rope. I use the orange one because I can always find it!


8) Equine Jogging Boots

I love love my Active boots from Equine Fusion! So does Sky. These boots fit, don’t twist even when going through water and never rub. The velcro is heavy duty and long lasting. There is also another fastener that ensures the boots will not come off when driving. The soles are thick and cushy with aggressive tread.

We have put many miles on these boots and they are holding up beautifully. I highly recommend these boots for any type of driving or hiking!

The most exciting thing about these boots is that Chimacum Tack now sells these!!! We are stocking a few of the mini horse size for now but will add in big horses sizes as we begin to sell more. We can order any size that is available on their website however! We are stocking the Active model and the All Terrain boots. I like these two models the best because of the cushioned sole and the break over in the toe. Both secure to the foot in a similar way as well. These boots stay in place once secured to the hoof.

If you have a must have that should have made it on this list please tell us about it in the comments. We love to hear from our customers!

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