ComfyFit versus MaraFUN Harness

What is the difference between the Comfy Fit harness and the MaraFUN harness? I love this question and get asked it nearly weekly so I figured it warranted a blog post!

The ComfyFit Harness

First of all the ComfyFit Harness is a sport type harness and so is very versatile. You can take this harness into the breed show ring, compete in CDE’s with it and drag logs with it, with the appropriate collar.  ComfyFit harness has done well at shows at a national level as well as internationally.

The Comfy Fit harness comes in mini to draft horse sizes and is also available for donkeys and mules.

The Bridle

We’ll start with the bridle. It has a shaped, molded, padded crown piece. This helps keep the poll strap from pushing forward into the horse’s ears. Sometimes when you add the weight of the blinders, a straight poll strap can crowd the back of the horse’s ears causing irritation which can lead to head shaking and frantic face rubbing when you remove the bridle. I love shaped, padded crown on the bridle!

The blinders are nice and big and cupped to ensure they never rub on your horse’s eyelashes. They are lined with either black leather or russet leather.


The nose band is padded both on the nose and on the chin and has nose band hangers which makes fitting so much easier. You can adjust the height of the nose band without having to move the cheek piece buckles at all.

Something fun? You can get colored brow bands and nose bands to change things up! One week you can have purple and another week maybe you feel more like pink. Or you can color code your bridles, Blue for Zorro and Neon Green for Mikey!

You can also get open cheek pieces for this bridle and it’s super easy to change the cheek pieces from blinders to open cheek, making it an open bridle.

You can get smooth beta driving lines or the Super Grip driving lines for your Comfy Fit bridle. The beta lines come in any of our 12 colors. The Super Grip lines also come in the colors, but the hand part, the Super Grip will either be black or brown. The bit end, the first half of the lines, can be any one of the 12 colors though!

The Breast Collar

The Comfy Fit comes with either the Standard Curve collar or the Deluxe style collar. It’s totally up to you which one you decide to get! I personally prefer the Deluxe style collar for horses or ponies that have a low set neck. Those that tie in lower on the chest. The deep V of the Deluxe collar allows for better windpipe clearance, especially for mini horses! Also the downward curve of the breastcollar toward the rear means there is a greater space between the end of the breastcollar and the girth helping to ensure that your pony won’t get pinched when turning sharp corners.

The Saddle

The Comfy Fit harness has a spring tree in the saddle. Some horses really like the added stability of the tree. Some of the more round minis and ponies may not appreciate the tree so we can now offer a treeless Comfy Fit saddle!

The Breeching

The Comfy Fit has double hip straps. If you run the hip straps through their individual slots in the back band, this will help the breeching hang nice and straight. And the Comfy Fit has a lovely padded breeching!

Every single buckle on the Comfy Fit harness is a roller style buckle. This makes any adjustments you need to make quick and easy!

The MaraFUN Harness

The MaraFUN harness is a traditional buggy/pleasure style harness which can use used for pleasure driving, trail driving and in CDE competitions. The MaraFUN is not intended for the breed show ring. The MaraFUN can also be paired with a collar and hames and used to drag logs or sleds or ?

BUT the MaraFUN harness only comes in mini horse and small pony sizes. We do have this harness for mini donkeys and mules though!

The Bridle

The bridle is very basic. It’s lightweight and comes in any of the 12 colors we offer.

The blinders are the square style, and the winker stays are wide and bendable so that you can adjust the width to your pony.

This bridle comes with a removable over check and side check rein so you can choose which you like, or if you are like me, you will just remove them both!

As with the Comfy Fit bridle you can get the open cheek pieces for this bridle as well. That will turn it into an open bridle.

The nose band is not padded and is just one length of soft strap. It threads through the cheek pieces of the bridle. You can get different colored brow bands and nose bands for this bridle, to change things up or to color code your tack!

You have a choice of smooth beta driving lines or the Super Grip lines for the MaraFUN as well!

The Breast Collar

The standard breast collar that comes with the MaraFUN harness is just simple straight breast collar, with sewn in traces.

You can upgrade to the Deluxe style collar for a little bit more money and to be honest, it’s worth it to do!

We also have the MaraFUN SuperFUN harness and that comes with the SuperFLEX style collar. This is the harness that I have for Zorro in Hurricane Blue and Neon Green. We love this harness!

The Saddle

The MaraFUN saddle is a treeless saddle. It’s much smaller than the Comfy Fit saddle either the treed one or the treeless saddle.

Something you can upgrade is the Permasoft Pad that sits under the saddle. I upgraded to a Horse Long pad which gives me both more width and more length. The pad that came with my MaraFUN harness fits exactly under the entire saddle, so is longer than the typical Horse Long pad. The pad goes all the way to the girth buckle on both sides! I love that! (The normal Horse Long pad is 6″ wide x 24″ long. The pad that came with my MaraFUN is 6″ wide x 34″ long.)

*As a side note: We can make you a Permasoft pad in any width and length you need! So if you need a special size just shoot us an email or a message on Facebook and we can special order that for you.

The Breeching

The hip straps on the MaraFUN harness are a bit different than those on the Comfy Fit. The part that goes over the hip is one wide piece with a nice bit of padding.

I like this style as it helps disperse any pressure that may end up there when driving over rough terrain and doesn’t rub. That strap then spits into two straps that connect to the breeching itself. The breeching that comes with the MaraFUN harness is not padded but is a nice wide piece of Brahma Web.

I chose to  upgrade the breeching on my MaraFUN harnesses to a padded breeching. It requires a different buckle attachment than what comes on the MaraFUN so it is an upgrade and costs a bit more. For the type of terrain I am driving on it’s worth it to me!

The black loop that is hanging off the breeching ring is a trace carrier. I use these for both my sled and my Hyperbike.

Most of the buckles on the MaraFUN harness are conway buckles. So they are trickier to adjust. Just a heads up on that!

Here is a video link, the Comfy Fit Saddle compared to the MaraFUN saddle:

I personally have two MaraFUN harnesses and one Comfy Fit harness. I feel like I have all the bases covered for any type of driving I may find myself doing!



2 thoughts on “ComfyFit versus MaraFUN Harness

  1. Rachel says:

    I am new to driving and harnesses and have question for you. I would like to purchase the comfy fit bridle and lines to start out training, is this an option or would I have to purchase the full harness in order to get the bridle?

    Thank you! I love your website and look forward to purchasing!

    • Mindy Schroder says:

      Hi Rachel! You can purchase any part of the harness on it’s own, no need to purchase an entire harness. With that said I will go a little further and suggest you NOT purchase a driving bridle with blinders and the driving lines for ground driving.

      I always start my ponies and horses with just a simple nylon or leather halter and long lines. We do tons of ground driving like this. It’s simple and the communication doesn’t get muddied at the beginning with the blinders and the bit for those that haven’t had a bit in their mouth yet. The driving lines are not long enough for ground driving. They are long enough for when you are sitting in a cart behind the pony.

      I write a personal blog where I share TONS about my experiences training my ponies to drive as well as my take on harness and vehicles. You can find that at http://www.theessentialhorse.com There is quite a bit of information on there so I recommend scrolling all the way to the beginning (or all the way to the bottom) and then reading up. You can also click on the “driving” tab and scroll to the bottom to read my posts that focus only on driving. Please feel free to contact me with any other questions you may have!


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