Arch Mouth versus Victory Mouth

One of Chimacum Tacks’  favorite bits  is the Arch Mouth Baucher Cheek Bowman Bit. There are two options for the mouth piece, the Arch Mouth and the Victory Mouth. I am often asked the question, “What is the difference between the Arch Mouth bit and the Victory Mouth?” It’s hard to explain with words so I took a few photos to show the difference!

This is the Arch Mouth Baucher cheek bit:

Arch Mouth Baucher Cheek Bowman Bit

Note how the loops that attach to the bridle bend away from the horse’s face. The joints between the mouth piece and the cheeks are nice and smooth. There is no wiggle in the joint, or gaps that will pinch the horse’s lips! These bits truly are works of art. The alloy on this bit is the German Steel or Brass/Copper alloy.

Arch Mouth Baucher Cheek Bowman Bit


Now onto the Victory Mouth Baucher Cheek. This bit has a 45* angle that tips forward toward the horse’s teeth. This bit provides even more tongue relief than the Arch mouth! My ponies all go well in the Victory Mouth.

Victory Mouth Baucher Cheek Bowman Bit

This bit is a sweet iron mouth piece.

You can see how the mouth piece tips forward toward the horse’s teeth.

Hopefully this visual will clear up the differences. I just love both of these bits! They are my favorite.

10 thoughts on “Arch Mouth versus Victory Mouth

  1. Erin Isaachsen says:

    Does having the Baucher cheek pieces rather than just a plain half cheek piece change the way the bit works? I know with riding horses the Baucher cheek provides some leverage to whatever mouth piece you have. I assume it does the same with driving… Not sure I need any leverage like that.

    • Mindy Schroder says:

      Yes. The baucher cheek does provide a bit of leverage, in that it applies some pressure to the poll when the driving lines are lifted. Without the chin strap there isn’t any squeezing of the lower jaw that occurs with most leverage bits.


  2. Kathleen H Alston says:

    My VSE has “flabby cheeks” and as a result, a very sensitive mouth. Currently, I’m driving him in a straight mullen mouth, half cheek bit. Would a baucher bit be comfortable in this tiny mouth?

    • Mindy Schroder says:

      If your mini has flabby cheeks then the baucher cheek may not be the best choice for him as it has a “purchase” and that part stick up from the cheek piece, to attach the cheeks of the bridle to, and these can pinch wider faced minis unless they are bent away from the face quite a bit. I would stick with a half cheek for a mini with a face shape like that! Thank you so much for your question 🙂


  3. Rose Danko says:

    for a horse who puts his tongue over the bit (mullen mouth). Since the Victory mouth bit cheeks offer something of a curbing action how does that affect the position of the mouth piece given that it already appears to be forward and toward the teeth?

    • Mindy Schroder says:

      Hi! The Victory will sit above the tongue and when pressure is applied to the lines the front of the arch can tip forward onto the tongue. But they really should not be able to get their tongue over this type of bit provided it is correctly fitted.


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