Just What is a Traditional / Pleasure Driving Harness?

Pleasure – Driving harnesses have the same basic parts as any other harness, with variations for different animals or fancier parts for showier harness. Parts include a Bridle, Breastcollar and traces, Neck Strap, Saddle/girth, Back Strap, Breeching and Hip Straps and a Crupper.

This is the style harness used in western countries for hundred of years and is well suited to pulling carts and carriages. The pictures shown here are single pleasure style harness which is appropriate for 2 wheel and 4 wheel vehicles though pleasure harness used with 4 wheel vehicles typically uses a full neck collar rather than a breast collar, to help the horse handle the weight of the vehicle.

This is a photo included of an Amish buggy parked my harness maker’s horse from about 1995 in the same basic, traditional style – with collar and buggy hames.

Pleasure – Driving harness can be made with a variety of materials including leather, nylon or synthetic materials and are available for a variety of animals, horses, donkeys, mules, reindeer, goats, zebras and even long horned cattle. The material chosen and the relative widths of the materials can vary based on the driving to be done.

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