What Size/Proportion Harness Do I Need For My Large Pony?

Do You Have a Large Pony?  An Extra Large Small Pony?  A Petite Pony?  A Drafty Pony?  How do I get a harness to fit?

A horse is a horse is a horse, right?  No.  Every breed of horse (or any equine) is somewhat different in shape from another.  Just like people some have larger or smaller parents, or grandparents.

AND, just like people, horses need clothing that fits them and is proportioned correctly for their body. Our model pony, Alamo’s Ruby Red is a 12 hand Caspian pony.  She began as a slender pony as as she’s worked and gained muscle and stamina she is now a powerfully built, heavily muscled pony.

I once had a call from a customer after she received the harness she’d custom ordered.  What she told me was this. ” I love that harness, it is exactly like I wanted it to be.  The stitching is perfect, the quality if perfect, I love everything about it.  It fits my horse exactly right. But I can’t use it — she looks like she’s wearing her little sister’s clothes.”

Harness  is always carefully proportioned for the “average” size in each category.   Whether it is Horse, Donkey, Mule harness, each is proportioned for the size animal it will fit. (When we say proportioned we mean the width of the harness strapping and the size of the saddle. These things need to be taken into account when choosing a harness for your large pony, small pony, in-between pony!)

  • Mini harness is made for 32-38″ miniature horse proportions.

Pony harness comes in two categories,

    • Small Pony – Still definitely Pony proportions.
    • Large Pony  Still definitely Pony proportions
  • Horse harness comes in three categories
    • Large Pony with Horse proportions
    • Horse with Horse proportions
    • Large Horse with Horse proportions
  • Draft Harness comes in three categories
    • Halflinger (small draft) with Draft proportions
    • Draft with Draft proportions
    • Large Draft with Draft proportions

First: Choose the Style, Type, Configuration you need.


Next: Choose the Proportions you need. 


Then order the size -proportion category you think is best for your animal and order that size harness to fit your measurements.

Chimacum Tack can always make harness to fit your animal.  We can make a pony proportioned harness to fit a 40″ pony of a 60 ” pony. Or we can make draft proportioned harness to fit a cob/horse.  The parts will be different proportions of course even though the overall measurements will fit the animal.

You have to choose whether you want the smaller proportions of the Pony size or the larger proportions of the Cob/Horse size.  The choice is more obvious with Mini harness or Horse or Draft Harness.  But Pony sizes are not always obvious.   Is your pony tall and refined?  Short and stocky? Short backed, stout but leggy?



Harness proportion guidelines:

Saddles –  Mini 2.5″ wide  Pony 3.5″ wide  Cob/Horse 4.5″ wide  Draft 5.5″ Wide

Breast Collars  –  Mini 2.5″ wide  Pony 3.5″ wide  Cob/Horse 4.5″ wide  Draft 5.5″ Wide

Strapping  Mini 1/2″ and 5/8″  Pony 5/8″ and 3/4″ Cob/ Horse 3/4″ and 1″  Draft 1″ and 1.25″

Traces  Mini 1″  Pony 1″  Cob/Horse 1.25″ Draft 1.5″ or 2″

Lines   Mini 5/8″  Pony 3/4″  Cob/Horse 1″   Draft 1″

Browbands  Mini – Pony 3/4″ Horse/Draft 1″

Cheeks  Mini 1/2″  Pony 5/8″  Cob/Horse/Draft 3/4″

Nosebands Mini – Pony 3/4″  Cob/Horse/Draft 1″

Finally, order from the category you believe is correct.   Harness prices are based on material and labor costs so the smaller sizes/proportions  are less expensive to make than the larger sizes/proportions.

Chimacum Tack harness is guaranteed to fit – but harness made to measure with different than usual proportions is not returnable.

Please always feel free to call with questions!

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