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Traces come with either the slot end or a combo end. If you don’t specify that you want the combo end you will receive the slot end trace. Why would this be a problem?

Some single trees are set up for the slot on the trace to slide over them. But sometimes the single tree will need a quick release shackle and then you would want the ring on the end of your traces, or as we call them, the combo end.

So what happens when you have always had a slot end trace and then you get a new vehicle with a different single tree attachment? Do you have to buy new traces?

No you don’t! You can get a trace adapter that will allow you to connect your traces to the quick release shackle, saving you a bit of money and keeping you safe at the same time.

Photo on the left is a trace adapter that can slide into the slot and then you have the ring to attach to the quick release shackle. The photo in the middle is of the same trace adapter but with 2 chain links for those that prefer heel chains. (This would be the pony size.) The photo on the right is the same trace adapter with the 6 links of chain, again for those that like the heel chains.


Now I have been having a bit of trouble attaching my traces to the Hyperbike single tree. Sometimes I am all thumbs when it comes to things like that. And when everything is all connected it can be a bit of a squeeze to pull that trace back to the single tree and then get it over the hook. So I came up with an attachment that would make it a breeze!

This attachment slips over the single tree and then has a quick release shackle that you can attach to the ring on your combo end traces.

And if you don’t have the combo end you can simply purchase the trace adapter and walla!! You too can be set up with  Hyperbike Quick Hitch Adapter!

Here is a video showing how I have mine set up on my bike:


If you have any questions about how to use these adapters don’t hesitate to ask! You can either call, email or message us.


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