Mindy The Pony Princess’s 5 Favorite Things!

Though I love everything I have bought from Chimacum Tack, I do have my top 5. (Maren asked me for my top 3 but I couldn’t narrow it down to fewer than 5! LOL!)

So let’s dive right in!

My 5 Favorite Things:

#1 The MaraFUN SuperFUN harness! I know that Chimacum Tack is well known for the Comfy Fit harness and I do love that harness as well, but there is just something about the MaraFUN harness that put it on my list. Sometimes the original is the way to go… the MaraFUN harness is based on the original miniature horse harness that Chimacum Tack made many, many years ago. All of THIS started with the Miniature Horse Buggy harness and has evolved into the Comfy Fit, the MaraFUN and the current Pleasure/Buggy harness. Change is good when it means the horses are more comfortable and happy in their jobs.

MaraFUN SuperFUN harness in Hurricane Blue and Neon Green.

What is it about the MaraFUN harness that puts it on the list? I love the way the hip straps are on the breeching. I am a big fan of the wide hip strap hanger. I love that you can get it in colors, or stay traditional with the black or brown. And the fact that you can upgrade to the Deluxe collar or if you get the MaraFUN SuperFUN harness you’ll get the SuperFlex collar, which I also really like, when used correctly with a horizontal line of draft. I also really like the treeless saddle – which leads me to…

#2 The Permasoft Back Pad! My personal preference is to have my back pad go all the way down my pony’s sides, to where the girth buckles onto the saddle. Not only does this provide more comfort for my pony when driving but it also adds a bit more padding between the shafts and my pony. And as a plus I can get the pad in colors to match or stand out from my harness. I am always thinking about the comfort of my pony which leads me to…

Neon Green Permasoft Pad

#3 Equine Fusion Active Boots! I know I talk about these boots all the time, but it’s for good reason. These boots are comfortable for my ponies, they fit well and don’t twist and when we go through water – and they drain! Draining water is a huge thing for me because the boots I used last year did not and believe me that is a huge pain the butt! This spring we have splashed through deep mud puddles and then slogged through hoof deep mud and these boots stayed put. I love how well padded the soles are and how much traction there is on the soles of the Active model boots. The toe break over is very important to me when driving my minis, ensuring they don’t get sore when we are out for hours and hours.

Zorro wearing his Equine Fusion Active Boots. It was so slippery out he needed boots on all four, but usually I just boot his front feet.

Here’s a little video showing the Active boots up close: Active Boot Video

#4 Next up, Chimacum Tack’s Nylon Halters! If you have followed my personal blog you will know that it’s very hard to find a halter that actually FITS the miniature horse and small pony. When you order from other companies the halter that arrives wouldn’t even fit your dog and it’s considered a B or small pony size halter! LOL! But the Chimacum Tack nylon halters fit all of my minis and small ponies very well. They are quite adjustable making it easier to get a proper fit and keep the pony comfortable. And again, they come in so many fun colors!

Zorro wearing his blue nylon halter.

#5 And last but definitely not least – the 3/8″ x 10′ Yacht Lead Rope! This is my favorite lead rope for my mini and small ponies. It is such a great length for all the jobs I do, leading, ground driving, a quick little lunge if someone is being a bit cheeky. I always have one or two at hand. I didn’t think I would like the orange color, but I really do!! And now they also come in black. These are the perfect size for our minis heads and I love that the clip is basically sewn on. No extra metal at the clip to add weight. They are a great length for tying at your trailer or when you are out hiking and need that extra length to tie around a tree. Mine go everywhere with us!

And I have to sneak this one in… #6 is the Driving/Grooming Collar! I love my collar and use it instead of a halter here at home but have it in my tool kit on my cart when I’m driving in case I need it out on the trail.  When we are on our group drives my ponies wear their collar instead of wearing a halter under their bridle. Works like a charm!

Zorro wearing his driving/grooming collar while I harness him up!

I hope you enjoyed this little trip through my tack box. If you have any questions about these products or any others please feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email at marketing@chimacumtack.com!

2 thoughts on “Mindy The Pony Princess’s 5 Favorite Things!

  1. Shawna Lafore says:

    I would like to order a Harness for my 11.2 Driving Pony. I need help and advice. I really like the comfy Harness. Please reach out to me. I have printed the sizing chart.
    Thank you,
    Shawna LaFore

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