Does My Horse Need Driving / Trail Boots?

I get this question all the time… why do my ponies wear boots when I’m driving them?

There are a few reasons I choose to boot my ponies. I’ll share them here and maybe you’ll find that boots are a good idea for YOUR pony! (or horse or mule or donkey!)

#1 – We drive many, many miles over hard gravel roads and I do think about joint health. The boots I use have a nicely padded sole which provides a measure of shock absorption as they trot and canter down the road.

#2 – Because we drive so many miles on gravel they tend to wear their toes down to nothing. This can cause them to be sore. We drive barefoot sometimes and then I boot them when we start to ramp up the miles so they don’t get sore. They also live on a track system with gravel and rocks and different footings so they need a little foot just to live out there.

#3 – Traction. Sometimes we are on pavement or slippery, icy roads and the boots provide traction. It’s amazing how well they stick to an icy road with a pair of the Equine Fusion Active boots on! Below is a video of Zorro walking on an icy road in his boots.

#4 – Sometimes one of my ponies will have tender feet. Especially at this time of year when the ground in their track is mostly mud and melting snow. This tends to make their feet a bit softer so when we hit the roads they aren’t ready for all the gravel and sand. The boots help make this transition a bit easier.

My favorite boots for all the different terrain we encounter are the Equine Fusion Active Boots. They are on sale this month because they are part of my Favorite Things! So if you think your pony would benefit from wearing boots then you can take a look at this page, scroll to the bottom and follow the instructions for measuring. If you have any questions about these boots or any of our other styles, don’t hesitate to email me at marketing@chimacumtack.com. If you do order a pair don’t forget to use the coupon code “Mindyversary!”

Mindy – The Pony Princess~

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