Tuesday Tip – Driving/Grooming Collar

One of the questions I get asked the most is how tight should the Driving/Grooming collar be?

Many feel it should fit as snugly as a dog collar fits, but if you adjust it that snug, then the horse will have a hard time bending at the poll.

The collar should be loose enough to allow that bend and sometimes this will mean the collar will slide down the neck a bit. That’s alright as long as it doesn’t bind the horse further down the neck.

The collar is there in case you need:

  1. to tie your horse up.
  2. you can connect your bridle to the collar if you have a problem with it wanting to come off while driving.
  3. it’s a nice thing to have if your horse needs to be lead while harnessed and hitched.

How it looks matters much less than it staying out of the horse’s way and being there in case of emergency.

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