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Testimonial – Equine Jogging Boots – Active Model

Testimonial from Mindy the Pony Princess: “I just want to share a bit about our [...]

Tuesday Tip – Spares/Repairs Kit

Last weekend I spent the entire weekend in the mountains, away from cell service and [...]

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Our Harness Shop!

Earlier last week I promised a blog or two (or three!) sharing a bit about [...]


Tuesday Tip – How to Adjust a Conway Buckle

A couple of our harnesses have a conway buckle on the back strap. This can [...]

Tuesday Tip – Two Wheeled Cart Balance

Balancing a two wheeled vehicle can be tricky. And it’s really a never ending endeavor. [...]


May 2019 Sale! In-stock Brown ComfyFit Parts 20% off

Happy May! Fresh off a trip to our favorite Harness Maker, we are excited to [...]

Standing is a State of Mind

Standing is a State of Mind Training tips from Joanna Wilburn For a horse/pony to [...]