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Earlier last week I promised a blog or two (or three!) sharing a bit about our harness shop. Being able to meet the harness makers and see their shop was a trip I will never forget! Their creativity blows me away. There is little to no waste in the shop and they are very efficient in their work.

I just wandered the shop looking at everything over and over and over. I couldn’t get enough! I enjoyed visiting with the boys about new ideas. I asked questions about how I could make their job easier on a day-to-day basis. I gathered more information about the products, the process and how they would like me to help you fit your horses. I could have spent weeks there!

This blog will give you a view inside the shop. I’ll share a few of the products and just give you a little tour. Next time I’ll share a bit about how to make a work horse collar! That was pretty neat to watch.

This is the Comfy Fit aisle. It was one of my favorite places in the shop!

And some Comfy Fit Saddles with a teeny tiny Comfy Fit Collar.

Here is the work harness aisle along with pretty spotted parade pony bridles.

Below, on the left is the big hole punch. They made this gadget to quickly and efficiently punch several holes at one time. On the right is the press. This is used to punch out the molded poll pieces, the breast collars other parts of the harness that are shaped.

The shop has teeny tiny horse shoes and giant brass bells!

Here is Nana Janie holding one of the largest work collars in the shop and the largest Comfy Collar we could find!

Stay tuned for a blog showing the making of a work collar as well as a blog explaining the different materials that are used to make our many different styles of harness!

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