Tuesday Tip – Spares/Repairs Kit

Last weekend I spent the entire weekend in the mountains, away from cell service and internet. It was a much needed break from the world. A small group of us got together to camp and drive our horses in the national forest with permission to drive on a private ranch tucked away in the mountains. What a special treat!

There were two minis, a mule, a Percheron draft team, a Percheron cross single horse, a Belgian/Thoroughbred cross single horse, a Fjord team, a Haflinger single pony and several out riders and trail riders that joined us. With a group that big there is bound to be some issues when we are out on the trail.

The Belgian/Thoroughbred cross had a little incident which resulted in a broken hold back strap and a broken single tree. The horse and driver were fine but we were a good 6 miles away from camp and something had to be done so the horse could continue to pull his wagon. We couldn’t leave it out there! So one of the gals came back and helped piece together some makeshift things to get them back on the trail. They were able to drive the rest of the weekend once some repairs were made back at camp. It was all done quickly and with little anxiety. Very matter of fact and let’s be on our way!

This made me think about my repair-spares kit that I take with me on the trail. I drive a Hyperbike so there is very little in the way of tools that I need. My friend Molly had a bike pump in her back pack in case we needed to air up a tire. I had some twine, a pair of pliers, some electrical tape, a first aid kit, a hoof pick and some snacks in my bag. I also had a halter and a lead rope, which is an absolute MUST if you trail drive. But I started to think about some other things I should bring along in case something like this happens to someone else!

She had her own spares kit and had twine and electrical tape as well. But I don’t think you can ever be too prepared when out on the trail.

I know that a repair-spares kit is a requirement in many of the pleasure shows as well CDE’s. They are definitely more than just something the judge wants to see on your vehicle. There is a good reason for each thing they require to be in that kit. For trail driving I feel there are just a few more things that should be included as well!

Here is a short list of things I will include in my kit from now on:

  • Electrical tape
  • Paracord
  • Trace splice
  • Rein splice
  • Leatherman Tool
  • Zip Ties
  • A human first aid kit (I have a very small basic one in my bag)
  • A horse first aid kit (just a few basics, wound spray, a diaper, Quikclot, vet wrap)
  • A hoof pick
  • Halter and Lead rope

If you have anything extra you keep in your spares kit I would love to hear about it!


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