Testimonial – Equine Jogging Boots – Active Model

Testimonial from Mindy the Pony Princess:

“I just want to share a bit about our Memorial weekend. Myself and my friend both drive small ponies. I have a 40″ pony and she drives a 32” mini mare. We drive with our local driving club and tackle mountain trails.

Over Memorial weekend we were dealing with LOTS of rain, which lead to a few VERY muddy trails. We slogged through several miles of ankle deep mud intermixed with mud puddles and then went through very wet sandy areas and crossed a creek here and there. I had my pony booted on all 4 and my friend had front boots on her mare. The boots never moved on our pony’s feet! No matter how deep the mud or how many water crossings we did, the boots stayed in place. And when we got back they were relatively clean inside! This tells me that the top stayed nice and tight not allowing debris down into the boot. We were both THRILLED with the boots!

Last year on this same drive our Easy Boot Minis were flying off left and right, making us have to stop and find them in the bushes and then put them back on. Not very safe when driving a cart on the trail. So thank you so much for selling such a wonderful boot for our very active little athletes!”

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