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How to Punch a Hole in the Soft Strap or Brahma Web

I am asked this question all the time… Just how do we go about punching [...]

Tuesday Tip – What makes a pony mouth different than a horse mouth?

I get questions all the time about what bit would be best for my pony. [...]

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Reconditioning An Old Buggy by, Beth Rounsevell

Do you have antique cart or carriage that has been gathering dust under a tarp [...]

Tuesday Tip – Trace Carriers

Sometimes the line of draft is a bit low on the easy entry carts and [...]

The Comfy Curve Harness Girth

Why would someone need a comfy curve harness girth when driving? After all the girth [...]


Tuesday Tip – Clips on driving lines

Having clips on the bit end of your driving lines is risky business. Not only [...]


How to Make a Work Horse Collar

The harness shop makes our harness sets, such as the Pleasure/Buggy harness, the MaraFUN harness, [...]

Tuesday Tip – Harness Fit

I often get emails asking if this or that part of the harness is fitting [...]