Tuesday Tip – Harness Fit

I often get emails asking if this or that part of the harness is fitting correctly. To help me help you, I ask that you send me photos showing the entire horse and harness from both sides:

And from the front:

In these photos she was wondering about the collar fit.

In the above photos I like how the collar is sitting on his chest. We are going to try a longer collar cap to give her some more length as I think the width of the collar is perfect.

If you are wondering about saddle or breeching then photos from the side are usually enough for me to help! For bridle fit I will need side photos and at least one photo from the front.

Sending me close up photos of the part of the harness you feel isn’t fitting doesn’t usually help because I can’t see the entire picture:

In the above photo it looks like there is gaping along the sides which wouldn’t necessarily mean the collar is too small. It can mean the false martingale is too tight. But in this case when you look at the entire photo you can see that the collar needs a bit more length to sit flat and help him pull his cart:


I am always happy to look at horses in harness! You can email me at marketing@chimacumtack.com if you have any questions about harness fit.

And thank you to Sarah for letting me use these photos of her gorgeous horse!

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