The Comfy Curve Harness Girth

Why would someone need a comfy curve harness girth when driving? After all the girth should not be tight, the saddle is not trying to balance a load. BUT if you have ever driven a pony you will totally understand the struggle of the girth groove.

Ponies, any size pony, will often have a round tummy (or a “sprung rib cage” as I call it. It’s a nice way of saying fat. LOL!) this round tummy tends to pull the girth forward into the girth groove. The only way to keep the girth lined up straight under the saddle is to make it quite tight, but if you do any extreme type of driving, such as galloping, cantering up a hill or jumping ditches (extreme I know but it’s definitely happened!) the girth will most likely move forward. When this happens it causes the saddle to tilt:

In this photo Zorro has the elastic girth on. I do love this girth because I have found it to be very comfortable for him, but it does want to be in that girth groove and causes the back of the saddle to tip. It essentially is pulling the saddle as far forward as it can.

I like to set my saddle at least a hands width behind the shoulder blade. But getting it to stay there has been tricky!

In this photo you can see where I would like the saddle to sit but you can also see the girth is pulling it forward.

The shoulder relief girth is allowing me to put the saddle where I want it and then have it STAY THERE!

In this photo the saddle is sitting on the flat part of Zorro’s back. The Comfy Curve girth is long enough that I can have the saddle that far back and have it stay there even when we are driving. In this photo we just got back from a 4 mile drive. I removed his breast collar and then snapped this photo!

Here is a comparison of the ComfyFit girth (top photo) and the Comfy Curve girth (bottom photo).

TheĀ  Comfy Curve Girth is going to be a game changer for a lot of the pony drivers out there. I am often asked by people who drive warm bloods if we have this girth as well. They seem to be very sensitive and often get rubs in the elbow area from the buckles, even if the girth is loose. So it’s my hope that this girth will helps lots of horses, draft horses, ponies, minis, donkeys and mules!!

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