Reconditioning An Old Buggy by, Beth Rounsevell

Do you have antique cart or carriage that has been gathering dust under a tarp in your barn? Dust it off and enjoy a Sunday drive. Got too many repairs to do first you say? Well, I’ve been there and am going to share my journey and contacts so you can get yours going.

A few years ago I saw an online ad for an antique pony surrey that took my breath away. The very next day we were on the long 8 hour round trip (in one day) to purchase it. It was everything I had hoped for. The shafts were the correct length, undercut, surrey. It also came with a very long pole. At the time it didn’t matter because I only had one pony. Later another pony came and I started looking at that pole and of course it was far too long at 84”, or so I thought.

My elusive search for another pole to fit this carriage began. I couldn’t find one already made – anywhere. I started looking into having one made or at least find the parts. I did find a gentleman named Hugh at Texas Wagon Works that could do the job even though he had repeated many times that he doesn’t like to mess with pony stuff. He is a man of few words. His website is difficult to navigate and I did much better downloading his catalog and found his prices to be attractive. He quoted me $472 for a complete pole. I was able to trim that down to about $300 using brass from the older pole. (Woodland Coach also has parts kit quite reasonable.)

During our conversations and discussions of measurements he informed me that the 84” pole IS a pony size. I’ve been staring at this pole for two years and did not realize. I apologized for wasting his time. Apparently for antique equipment poles are longer than modern ones.

The next day I hitched my pair, all went pretty well, still have adjustments. I’ll get busy and refurbish it so it looks as nice as the surrey.

Next time we’ll talk about appropriate paint.

Beth Rounsevell
Royal Oaks, CA 95076


Morgan Carriage Works (Good wheel source, repair and construction.
Pat Morgan (He doesn’t answer his phone often, but he will return the call, about a week later.)
250 Riverside Rd.
Oak View, CA 93022
tel: 805.649.1723

Aaron Martin Harness, LTD (Good parts source.)
Toll Free: 1-800-367-0639
Telephone: 519-698-2754
Facsimile: 1-888-753-4525
Facsimile: 519-698-2420
Email: info@aaronmartin.com (The best way to communicate.)
4445 Posey Line RR#1, Wallenstein, ON N0B 2S0, Canada

Texas Wagon Works (Great pricing.)
Hugh is a man of few words, quite busy and does answer the phone in the mornings.
E-Mail: wagonman@texaswagonworks.com
Phone: 830-857-6521
Fax: 830-672-3880 
The website is difficult to navigate, download the catalogue it’s easier.


Woodland Coach, LLC (Restoration experts, patent leather dashes are excellent)
Great people, good talkers.
No internet presence, but has a Facebook page:
Best to ask for a catalog so you can see the scope that they are specialized in.
4410 Township Rd 628, Millersburg, Ohio 44654
Ph: 330-674-9124 Fx: 330-674-3589
E-mail: ivanburkholder@embarqmail.com

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