Tuesday Tip – Two Wheeled Cart Covers!

It can be a challenge to find cart covers for our two wheeled carts that don’t break the bank. Deb Nicol shared this little tip with us over on HorseDriver:
It can be hard to find carriage covers for our two wheeled vehicles. I found that chaise lounge covers work great! They are not that expensive, waterproof, and can be secured pretty easily
Thank you Deb!! Great idea. Beth Rouns shared this:
Riding lawnmower covers work well to cover carts. Get on Amazon.
And Caro Clark shared:
I got extra large ATV covers from Cabelas, also perfect!
Amy shared these photos and links with us:

The above gray cover is a riding lawnmower cover. You can find one HERE.


The above brown cover is a chaise lounge cover that you can use on a two wheeled cart. You can find one HERE.

There should be a cover out there for every check book!

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip – Two Wheeled Cart Covers!

    • Mindy Schroder says:

      Fat wheels will often give a smoother ride (depending on your vehicle) but they are not always easier for the equine to pull. If the tread on the wider tire is very aggressive it creates a crazy amount of drag. This amount of drag causes the equine to have to actively pull ALL THE TIME. On a well balanced vehicle with the appropriate wheels/tires the equine will have to work to get it started and then the wheels will freely turn and the animal won’t have to work so hard. (unless pulling up a hill or down a hill of course). There is so much to think about when working with our vehicles. It’s not always black and white.

      Thanks so much for asking!

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