Testimonial – Comfy Curve Girth

Thank you to Barbara Buhler for sharing her experience with the new Comfy Curve girth!


Jupiter looks so happy after going on a 4 mile trail drive. He is 19 years old and her steady eddie driving pony. Nothing phases him, not busy highways or orchard guns going off as he drives by. These older ponies are in the prime of their lives and have so much to give! Jupiter is a special boy who is well loved by Barbara… only the best for Jupiter!

We just went on a 4 mile trail ride. I’m just so please with how he is responding to new girth. He is trotting out freely, he’s feeling might good. I’m really pleased!

She shared how well balanced her vehicle is and how forward and happy Jupiter is feeling with his new set up!


I love how this girth stays in place! Even after 4 miles of driving it is sitting just where she placed it. Giving Jupiter plenty of elbow room and allowing his saddle to sit nice and flat!

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