Tuesday Tip – Measuring

I know, I know. I sound like a broken record over here when it comes to measuring your horse for ANYTHING you purchase from us. But measuring is the key to having an item that will fit when you get it and not need to be returned.

We have a 100% fit guarantee but I am implementing a new rule: we will only honor this guarantee IF you measure your horse. It’s just too hard to guesstimate your horse’s size based on photos or descriptions. If I ask you to measure or re-measure I am not trying to be a jerk… I just want your item to fit.

When measuring any part of your horse, please make sure the measuring tape is laying flat and straight. When measuring the hoof, make sure the ruler is laying nice and straight on the hoof. I don’t like to have to try to guess the measurement because your ruler is crooked. A crooked ruler will give a crooked size.

When I order anything from a halter to a bridle to a harness to a set of boots, I take the time to measure my own ponies. Even if I just measured for something last week, when I order something new I will measure my pony.

For example I want a new halter for Sky. I would like a purple beta halter. I have a beautiful Hurricane Blue halter that I got from the shop and it fits Zorro perfectly. So I took the time to measure that halter, take pictures and then I sent the photos and measurements to the shop so they can make me exactly what I need. By sharing the photos as well I can be sure they will measure the new halter the same way.

Some people measure only the straps, some measure and include the hardware. Some don’t lay the measuring tape flat, sometimes there can be a twist in the tape.

Sometimes I am confused about the size of something even with photos because the description is confusing. In that case I will ask questions and try to clarify. I’m not asking because I don’t believe you or because I think you don’t know what you are doing, but because I’m not sure I understand what you are asking for. I want your new item to fit perfectly just as much as you do 🙂

So, let’s all take the time to measure our ponies, horses, donkey’s, mules and draft horses and be as accurate as we can be! This will help me, help you, get a product that will FIT.

Here is a video that shows how I measure for a Harness:

Here is a video where I show how to measure for a halter:

How to measure for hoof boots:

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