Tuesday Tip – Harness Keepers

You know those nice little keepers you find on any of our harness?

They contain the ends of the straps and keep things neat?

And somehow they leap off our harnesses and disappear? Well now we offer a nice little bag of assorted harness keepers!

These keepers are Urethane loops with rounded corners and are one piece, so there are no seams or places for them to crack. They last forever, unless we lose them. I seem to leave a little trail of them behind me pretty much where ever I go!

Each bag contains keepers of each sizes used on the harness.  Please choose your keepers by harness size category. The category your harness fits in will tell us how wide your harness straps are.

  • Mini – Small Pony¬† —- Mini Horse – Donkey mule – Shetland and other small ponies and donkeys
  • Pony- Large Pony and standard donkey
  • Cob – Horse – Horses and Mules
  • Draft – Horses and Mules

Click HERE to go purchase your own bag of keepers.



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