Tuesday Tip – Harness Organization

Sometimes, us harness collectors, can end up with lots of different sized harnesses hanging in our tack room, all neatly snapped into their harness bags. But if you’re like me and like things to match then all your bags are the same color making it hard to know which harness is in which bag.

Barbara Buhler sharedharne this over on HorseDriver:

If you have multiple harness bags, have someone embroider the size of the harness on the outside of your bag. You could also add your name and the horse’s name.

And it so happens that Barbara does embroidery! So if you are interested in having this done you can contact her here:

Salt Creek Embroidery

Another way I store harness, when wall space is limited, is to keep them in rubbermaid style boxes with the snap on lids. This works for me because I live in Montana and have my synthetic harnesses so mold and mildew isn’t a problem! The boxes allow me to stack them on the floor and the mice can’t get into them.

Another wonderful idea from Tammy Opperman is to screw a 5 gallon bucket to the wall and then hang the harness over the bucket. This leaves the bucket opening itself as a storage place for driving boots, brushes, etc.

The harness shop sells these wonderful harness hooks and I have recently re-organized all my harness and assorted tack onto them. I love how I can hang my harness on the bigger hook and my bridle right underneath!

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