Monthly Archives: September 2019

Pleasure Harness

I often get messages from people who say Chimacum Tack is too expensive and they [...]


Driving on a Budget!

This is a fun topic and near and dear to many of our hearts… driving [...]

The Stop and Back Up

The stop or Whoa is one of the most important things a driving horse will [...]

Tuesday Tip – All Things Equal

When harnessing your horse, pony, donkey or mule, it’s important to make sure all the [...]

Tuesday Tip – Using warm water to bathe your horse!

I have found that warm water makes the soap easier to rinse off AND make [...]


The ComfyFun Trail Harness

This harness is exactly as the name describes. A harness perfect for the various terrain [...]


Mindy’s Tack Shed Sale!!

On Labor Day I did a Facebook Live straight from my Tack Shed! It was [...]


Tuesday Tip – Pulling a Horse Trailer

Chances are, if you drive horses, you also drive a truck and pull a horse [...]