Mindy’s Tack Shed Sale!!

On Labor Day I did a Facebook Live straight from my Tack Shed! It was a fun time with you guys. I promised I would put up a blog showing what I have in there and the sale prices. So here we go!

Nylon Halters – These are $5 off each halter and Free Shipping if you buy 3 or more! This only applies to the halters in my shed. So if you need a different color or size than I have you’ll have to order from the website at the regular price. This sale will go until I sell all my halters! (Ask about colors and sizes!)

EZ Care Beta Halters Skinny – These are also $5 off each halter, Free Shipping if you buy 3 or more. And you can mix and match halters! All black, ask about sizes

White Show Halters – $5 off the regular price

White Show Bridle (2) – $5 off the regular price

Training Cavessons – Also $5 off each, Free Shipping if you buy 3 or more! All black, ask about sizes!

Grooming Collar – I only have pony sizes in my tack shed. $17 (regular price $22)

Comfy Fit Bridle Cheeks ONLY –  These are custom, horse length cheeks but with pony blinders! Perfect for that horse with a very fine face. $60 (regular price $75)

Comfy Fit Bitless Bridle – Mini B – $117 (regular price $147)

Comfy Fit Bridle – Mini B – Chain Brow Band – $93 (regular price $117)

Brown Super Grip Driving Lines – Mini regular length – $52 (regular price $65)

Poly Lead Ropes – 8′ long – $8 on sale! Until supplies last

Black Leather Thimbles, brass hardware – $26 (regular price $32)

Black Comfy Fit Traces – 3 slot – 49″ – $60 (regular price $80)

Black Rein Swivel – One Buckle – Mini – $8 (regular price $10)

Small Pony Bitting Rig Harness w/ Side Reins – $140 (regular price $175)

FLY MASKS!!! I have a BUNCH of fly masks for minis and ponies. Priced at $20 each.

I have several Collar and hames as well. The Collars are $100 on sale, regular price $120. The hames are $110, regular price $135. I have (2) 14″ collars and (1) 13″ collars.

To order anything on this list you can either message me over on Facebook or shoot me an email at marketing@chimacumtack.com!

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