The ComfyFun Trail Harness

This harness is exactly as the name describes. A harness perfect for the various terrain one encounters on a trail drive! Steep hills, rough trails, mud, creek crossings, long sweaty drives. The Trail harness is the perfect choice for drives like this!

Chimacum Tack’s own Mindy- PonyPrincess put this harness together using parts from the both the Comfy Fit and the MaraFun harness. She calls it the ComfyFun Trail Harness!

Mindy lives in rural Montana and  takes full advantage of the extravagantly beautiful country around her –  Here is what she says about the  ComfyFun Harness.

When you are doing some rather intense trail driving, navigating boulders, steep inclines (and declines!) crossing water, and trotting for miles and miles up mountain logging roads, this harness is guaranteed to keep your mini or pony Comfy and Happy!

Combine the SuperFlex collar and false martingale, the Comfy fit saddle (treed or treeless) the Pleasure style back and hip straps and the padded breeching you will be confident that your mini or pony can tackle any terrain you come across.

Many people wonder what the difference is between the treed saddle and the treeless saddle. I have found that ponies that are more narrow, slab sided, do very well with the treed saddles, but the ponies that are more round and have those rounded shoulders, prefer the treeless saddle. The tree in a treed saddle is a spring steel tree. It can be bent if needed, but if you think your pony is a bit too round for a tree upgrade to the treeless saddle! ~Mindy

The ComfyFun harness is durable, weatherproof, and will last for many years. Also included are standard ComfyFit shaft loops and combo end traces.

Trace carriers, a back pad (color of your choice) and driving lines are also included. You have a choice of SuperGrip lines, Soft strap or Yacht Rope, length of your choosing!

Mindy says,

“You have a choice between the Comfy Fit Bridle (with blinders) or the English bridle (for an Open Bridle option), the elastic girth or the Comfy Curve girth… and Color!! You can choose from one of our color options and add a little color to your life”.

Only the hip straps, the brow band, the nose band and the driving lines can be colored straps. The rest of the harness will be Black.

Stainless hardware and the black carefree lining are the only options for this harness as well!

The Superflex collar can have colored piping along the rim if desired.  No other color is available on the Superflex and colored trim on the Superflex will require additional time since we do not keep colored collars in stock. ANYTHING colored on this harness will make your order take 8-12 weeks for delivery!

Please measure carefully,  these are put together for you.  Available in VSE Size (Mini or Small Pony Sizes) ONLY.  You can go to our Size Charts page to see a video about measuring for a harness. PLEASE watch the entire video and measure carefully. 

This harness was designed with the comfort of your pony in mind. It is not appropriate for the show ring, but is for pleasure driving. It is perfect for mountain driving, road driving and other trail driving, aka logging roads, vineyard roads, walking trails and trails that meander through parks. This harness allows your pony to tackle varied terrain with confidence!

6 thoughts on “The ComfyFun Trail Harness

  1. Nancy Cornwell says:

    Im very interested in getting one of these for my mini. Would love to call and speak to someone about the different parts to the harness.

    • Mindy Schroder says:

      I Kathi! There is a link to the harness in this blog. You can click on that link to go take a look at the harness. There are several options that will change the overall price. You best bet is to pick what you would like and then see how much it is there! Thank you so much, Mindy~

  2. melissa garcia says:

    I am looking for a harness for my 10h driving pony, i do like the Euro collars, what doe you have in stock and pricing please? Thank you!

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