Tuesday Tip – Using warm water to bathe your horse!

I have found that warm water makes the soap easier to rinse off AND make my ponies shinier!

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE a shiny pony.

Shiny pony growing her winter hair coat!

When we built our house on the farm, my hubby put a hot and cold hose bib on the outside of the house for me. I miss that so much!

The reason he did that is because I always used the washer – hot and cold water hook ups – in the house. So there would be a green hose strung all through the house and out the window so I could use the warm water. He hated that! LOL! Hence the hot and cold hose bib.

We don’t live on the farm anymore so I am back to hooking the hose to the hot and cold washer hook up. BUT our washer and dryer are right beside the back door so the hose isn’t strung all through the house anymore.

I have a Y that I screw to the hot and cold and then I attach the hose to that. My current situation has only one turn on and it self mixes to a very nice temperature. But in the past when my hook up had a hot and a cold turn on I would adjust the temperature myself!

My ponies really appreciate the warm water, even on a hot day. Ponies that were hard to bathe settle down and stand quietly when I use warm water. I mean it makes sense… I wouldn’t want someone spraying me with freezing cold water either!!

And the soap rinses off so well! The rinse part of the bath is cut in half with the warm water, at least in my experience.

So if you are looking for a way to have beautiful shiny ponies AND irritate your husband all at the same time, take a look at using your hot and cold washer hook ups to bathe your ponies 🙂

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip – Using warm water to bathe your horse!

  1. Rebecca Hagan says:

    Oh Mindy, thank you so much! For years I’ve tried ways to have warm water for mini washing. All disasters, the propane portable was the worse because our constant wind and breezes blew it out all the time. I never knew these existed! Apparently hubby didn’t either. I looked these Y connections up and can’t wait to try them!

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