Tuesday Tip – The Stop and Back Up

I am a HUGE fan of I Am Ranch’s driving horses. I read their blog and watch all the videos I can that they put out on YouTube. The minis they trains are quite simply… amazing.

Below is a video where they talk about the importance of the stop and back up for teaching a horse to use it’s hind end.

I have been using a technique similar (but of course Zorro doesn’t look THIS fancy!) to help Zorro understand that the bit is about his feet and not about his mouth. He was wanting to lean on the driving lines when I would pick them up and ask for some connection. He would get heavy on his front end and then gape his mouth and using his tongue he would push the bit to the back of his mouth and CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP.

I went back to the basics, ground driving and long lining, and asked for lots of stop and back up!

So this video was especially interesting to me when I ran across it:


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