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I often get messages from people who say Chimacum Tack is too expensive and they can’t afford one of our harnesses. I understand, truly I do. However, I would like to say, not all the harnesses at Chimacum Tack are expensive. And if you can afford to lose $200 on a “cheap” Tough One harness, then you can also save a bit longer and buy the Pleasure harness which starts at $425 and is only available in Mini and Small pony sizes. Aside from the Whiteman harness, the Buggy harness is our least expensive option.

However, that does not mean the quality is less than. It’s still made from the same material our other harnesses are made from. The same harness shop makes the Buggy harness that makes the Comfy Fit harness so the craftsmanship is the same.

And believe me when I tell you… this harness is beautiful!

The MaraFUN Harness IS the Pleasure harness essentially. The only difference is that you can choose color for the MaraFUN! (the colored strapping used is a different product than some of the black strapping regularly used, and is not appropriate for the larger sizes – that is why the MaraFUN harness is only for minis and small ponies. ) For a bit of color you can get colored pads or a colored brow band or colored lines. But if you want the fully colored harness you will need to choose the MaraFUN. If you want an all black harness you will need to choose the Pleasure Harness.

There are a few upgrades you can make either when you order your harness OR if you need to spread things out a bit then you can add these later.

Our newest upgrade to this harness is to offer the buckle in traces. It will still have the single neck strap, but the traces will be able to be switched from one breast collar to another!

Below I show how I use the buckle in traces with my collar and hames when she is pulling something with a low line of draft:

The Pleasure harness (as shown below) has a gig style saddle-treeless (I have the extra long back pad in purple here), traditional girth-NO padding, open tugs with overgirth strap, the straight breast collar-that you can have a permasoft pad added to, unlined breeching, conway buckles on the hip straps and back strap, the simple buggy bridle, NO padding-NO contoured, padded poll piece, a side check (not shown in photo!) the harness shown here has the combo end traces and purple driving lines.

A very pretty, well made harness for a more affordable price!

4 thoughts on “Pleasure Harness

    • Mindy Schroder says:

      Hi Kim! We will need some measurements to ensure all the parts will fit correctly. You can find a PDF with those lists under the Pages tab at the top of our website, then on the Size Chart page. Thank you so much! Mindy~

  1. Byron Pugh says:

    Good morning. I live in Utah and my wife and I are retired. We recently purchased a mini horse and a cart and would like to begin driving and teaching our neighbor kids how to safely drive. We are not familiar with driving ourselves and so will learn this summer. We are in need of a harness and all the accessories that will allow us to pull our cart with the horse. We live on a limited budget so cost is a factor. Would appreciate all the help and advice you can provide so that we can begin to enjoy driving. Thank you.

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