Tuesday Tip – What to do with Extra Strapping

Sometimes we are left with a very long piece of extra strap when fitting our horses for harness. One way to deal with that extra strap is to cut it off; however, that might not always be the best option. For example, my ComfyFit Harness that I have for Jasper is only used by him currently, but I expect I will use it on other horses in the future. When the back strap is fit for him, there is a lot left over, but I do not want to cut it in case I need a longer backstrap for his lanky brother, Wallace, in the future!

All of that extra strap may not seem like a big deal, and I didn’t think it was until I kept accidentally buckling my crupper to the extra backstrap instead of the correct strap for the crupper!

Not only has this ruined a few nice pictures, I’m sure it’s not very comfortable for my horse. So, instead of cutting the extra strap, I pulled out my little Harness Keeper Assortment bag and used two of these handy little keepers to loop it up the extra strap and keep it nice an tidy!

I am sure that these keepers could help keep just about any extra strapping neatly tucked in!

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