Tuesday Tip – Team Lines

I am brand new to driving a team, as in, I have driven my ponies as a team about 6 times 🙂 BUT I am really enjoying the process and the learning.

Something that was shared with me, that I felt was an important safety tip, was about the team lines.

Team lines have two lines that go to the bit on the horses, then they come to a V, coming together to be one single line your hand.

This V has a buckle that attaches the two lines together. Apparently sometimes this buckle can be jerked forward through the saddle terrets (if you use those) or even through the neck terrets, when things are going a bit sideways. To avoid this you can add a nice solid ring at that buckle. Be sure the ring is bigger than your terrets and this will prevent that buckle from going through the terrets and never coming back out again.

If your buckle does get jerked forward through a terret:

1) you can’t get that line back again

2) you no longer have control of the horses with that line!

This can make something that is going a big sideways turn into a full blown problem!

If your team lines have a buckle at the hand end feel free to cut that off so you can get a ring onto that line. I have also marked my lines with a bit of colored electrical tape so I always know which line goes to my left hand horse and which one to my right hand horse.

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2 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip – Team Lines

  1. JanieAmdal says:

    I loved this Tuesday Tip! I have never understood team lines and now I have a good reference for people, Thanks Mindy once again!

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